WordPress = :)

It took me a while to convert but this weekend I decided to convert my photoblog to WordPress. Really friggin easy through Dreamhost. Their “one-click” install is accurate. This blog is powered by Blogger and honestly…I tried to convert it to WP and it came back with disastrous results. Archives go back to 2004 and… Continue reading


Trying to act surprised since Creed’s birthday gift to me came way too early. Its the most beautiful little gadget ever. Connected it in minutes, Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand working like a charm. We’re watching Stepbrothers….yet again. But Dad, its shark week!

Sweet Disposition

Kind of in major love with this song: Heard it first on 500 Days of Summer. Cute but kind of meh. I think its because I don’t particularly think Zooey Deschanel is that charming. I mean she’s fine. But there’s something missing. Kind of wishing it was Maggie Gyllenhall but what evs.