Hey LA

So for the past 8 months I’ve been ramping up the amount of dance classes alot. Why am I hurting my knees on purpose each time? A few years ago I went to LA and took a class…and failed miserably. I’m back in LA this whole week to correct that situation. So far I’ve taken two (one in… Continue reading

Boy Crazy

I was a very boy crazy young girl growing up in Los Angeles. First boy crush was Ricky Schroder from Silver Spoons. Blond and sweet, he stole my heart. But it was Kirk Cameron who really pushed me into puberty. It makes me cringe to think how much I thought about Kirk…and what he’s become… Continue reading

Yes. You should know how to change the toner in your printer and other things I think you should know

A co-worker lamented on his FB feed about an administrative assistant who has been working in the same position for 20 years but still didn’t know how to change printer toner. That made me sad. Then it annoyed me. Because that means this person just saw a situation that they would clearly have to encounter… Continue reading

In Defense of Selfies

I’m quite a bit older than your average tween so bear with me. I actually have solid reasons why you should take selfies at least once a day. I’ve been taking selfies for 8 years so I’ve had a lot of time to think about this.

Pure Uncut Joy

A few weekends ago I took a spectacular trinity of classes at City Dance. Amber, Rocko, and Emerson. 4.5 hours of dance in one weekend. I was on an endorphin high that whole weekend…then Monday hit and my body was like …NOPE. You shouldn’t have done that. Iced my knees. Didn’t dance at all. Just… Continue reading